Guys, AEW is so fucking good. Not just because of the “How do you do fellow kids” bit of having an Undertale-esque cutscene play before Kenny Omega comes out to Megalovania, but because they used the “How do you fellow kids” bit to characterize Kenny Omega by having a demon who looks suspiciously like the logo for New Japan Pro Wrestling-

Try to tempt Kenny into going back to Japan because that’s where his ex-boyfriend and former

Golden☆Lovers teammate Kota Ibushi is. Also, Riho and Michael Nakazawa are Kenny’s friends but apparently Cody Rhodes isn’t hmm hmm hmm you know Cody hasn’t been interacting with the Elite much lately hmm hmm. 

I just…you don’t see visual storytelling done well in Wrestling normally and I’m marking out for it a little. Also, yes I pop for Megalovania