Homestuck patreon lost 1000 patrons in less than a month did u hear asherinn. tumblr. com/post/189337705373/callmearcturus-callmearcturus-sorry-i-just

I did not hear, probably because that’s not true. Homestuck’s only even had a patreon for a month, they’re so new there isn’t even a grapthreon for them yet, but I know they were around 1200 shortly after launch, were around 1300 a week ago, and then put out an update and some patron only comics and are now pushing 1600. 

Given that your source is some rando blog who by their own admission isn’t paying attention to HS, and that the only way this could possibly be true is if they randomly gained 1000 patrons one day without me noticing, I’m declaring this


Smackjeeves just announced that they’re self-nuking the site and getting rid of a lot of features that made it unique like custom formats for a more webtoon/tapas scrolling format. What are your thoughts on this? Got any advice for people looking to drop SJ now?

I don’t-

  Anonymous said to thewebcomicsreview:                                                         WHAT’S THIS ABOUT SMACKJEEVES CHANGES?! gREAT WEBCOMICS ELDER, PLEASE ELUCIDATE YOUR WISDOM.         

I don’t use SmackJeeves myself, I actually really hate these kind of sites because I can’t just bookmark a comic and then open all my bookmarks and see the latest page for everything, I have to go through a process, ew.

So I can’t get into too much detail about the specific changes, but I’ve long been an advocate for having a web site of your own so that your comic can’t get nuked by an update. Making a WordPress site and putting Comic Easel on it means that you’ll be in complete control of everything, and you’ll maybe even pick up some marketable skills! It also gives you a lot more freedom to make something that’s non-standard, like a video, or an HTML5 interactive, or a….

Huh, I wonder if Comic Easel will let me make an update that’s a Twine game. I know there’s a custom HTML page option, I should look into that. At the very least I could make a page that linked it it. But I couldn’t do that if I used SmackJeeves.

Sorry, I’ve gone off your question and onto an artistic tangent, but I’ve been wondering about interactive stuff in Saffron for a while, and that just occurred to me. Maybe I’ll test that over the long weekend. RPG Maker exports to HTML5 as well, and you could embed it….

Anyway, having your own site doesn’t just keep you safe from format changes, it lets you change the format yourself if the scope of your ideas change. These mass comic sites are always going to try to standardize you a little, so they’re not great if you want to get out of their box.


Tat’s posting ~Exclusive Sinfest Material~ on Twitter, FYI

I’m sorry, do you mean his Gab account, or is Tatsuya Ishida on Twitter and no on told me?


Fucking called it! Seth Sterling is broke! This line is written like a joke but we’ll soon learn it’s entirely literal! I think that theory is pretty solidly confirmed at this point and I’m feeling smug! 


I feel like Shoe doesn’t fully understand that the characters in Shoe are birds and thus lay eggs, but also when’s the last time you heard somebody refer to a “chat room”? Is that a phrase people have used since the halcyon days of AOL Instant Messenger?


Sorry if you’ve already done it but cold you possibly give a recap of the Homestuck Epilogues? I only read secondhand theories about them at the time because I thought they wouldn’t be important and honestly didn’t sound that good, but now I’m trying to like Homestuck^2 and have to keep wiki-ing epilogue info but my ADHD ass still can’t bring myself to actually read them, and I trust you to have some good analysis on them.

There’s an official recap available here

My own recap is here

And I wrote a partial defense of the epilogues here


Oh hey, Homestuck 2 updated again. I guess I’m liveblogging it maybe (I’m tagging these posts “Homestuck 2 Liveblog” if you wanna mute them), so let’s take a look. Looks like we’re on Candyland today. 

I literally just watched a John Oliver Chiijohn segment, and I’m reading the narration in the voice of that narrator, which makes this way funnier. We need a kind old British gentlemen to do a Homestuck audio book.

And so the master has become the student

The circle of stupidity is complete.

But! Jake English is having a normal-ass dream! That’s kind of neat. Normally when a Homestuck player dreams their soul is transferred to a “Dream Self”, which is a physical body that physically exists, and when your dream self dies, falling asleep makes you wander around the “Dream Bubbles”. But all that shit’s sucked into a black hole now so I guess you just dream regular. 

Oh fuck me, Brain Ghost Dirk. This Deepest Lore is getting 2 Deep 4 Me. Shouldn’t you be part of Ultimate Dirk? This cosmology is getting hard to track, even for an obsessive blogger type. 

Okay. This is the pre-Retcon version of the Dirk that Jake conjured up in his brain. I feel like I’m going to want to set up a whiteboard for all this, and maybe I will, but it’s too late at night to do it now (and I’m procrastinating on multiple comics projects as it is!).

Though since Homestuck 2 is all “meta” and shit, what really matters here is that this is the “Original” Dirk, pre-evil. Pre-retcon, too, in fact. This is a version of Dirk from before Homestuck completely went into the meta stuff. What’s he doing here? 

I’m sorry, who the fuck is this? Calliope left Candyland, who’s narrating? Is Brain Ghost Dirk narrating?

Oh, he’s willing himself into existence now. A lot of weird shit happens in the Homestuck EU, but this is probably the easiest to accept, weirdly. Being his imagination real is Jake’s power, after all.

This is 16-year-old Dirk talking to middle-aged Jake here 😐

Nice little reminder that Dirk was always trying to pressure people to be better and kind of an asshole about it. I maintain that his heel turn is the smartest and best idea in the epilogue. Which is not….the highest bar….but still. I like Evil Dirk and I’m already interested in seeing Evil Dirk and Jake’s Memory of Dirk talk it out at some point.

Blatant Ominous Foreshadowing Alert. 

Anyway, Dirk convinces Jake to get back with Jane in order to spy on her for the resistance. I love how Jake is wearing a Tuxedo and a cummerbund but also a logo T-shirt. The only force more powerful than canon and logic is the power of branding, bay bay. 

Also, speaking of The Weird Meta Shit, panels can apparently lie now? 

Fuck you, Brain Ghost Dirk

Okay, yep, Brain Ghost Dirk is evil and probably Ultimate Dirk, but why and how is he in the black hole? 

Subtle Ominous Foreshadowing Alert: Transparent Ghost Dirk in front of the stripy blue tv background makes him look like a hologram, and his glasses have a distinctly red tint, instead of Dirk’s normal orange, associating Brain Ghost Dirk with Hal, Dirk’s auto-responder. In Homestuck 1, Hal was based off 13-year-old Dirk, and 16-year-old Dirk kept getting freaked out by how Machiavellian his past self could be 

And that’s the update. I liked it! I’m actually liking Homestuck 2 more than the epilogues so far (and I kind of didn’t hate the epilogues). It seems to be a little bit lighter, and the panels being back helps with the pacing. We’ll see how it lasts, but I’m actually digging this more than I was expecting I would.


It’s here!


second time I’m asking this cause the first time gave a 403 error so idk if it actually go sent to you. I’m someone who really likes webcomics and would like to aid in their creation. but my only real skill is in programming. what can I do to help?

By and large, webcomic creators are pretty crap at technical stuff, and there’s kind of this whole field of crazy bullshit that’s going mostly unexplored for that reason, even though when people do actually do stuff like that it’s often cool and gets people talking, like Prequel’s “Going down the stairs” sequence (and the next few pages), or the parallax effect that Carlos tested out on a page of Legend of the Hare and it was so cool he made a whole webcomic built on the idea.

One of the things about webcomics is that they can incorporate some tech and blur the line between “comic” and “movie” and “game” to create an entirely new experience that will inspire other creators and be huge and influential. I think trying to make a webcomic and focusing just on the thing you’re good at is a great way to make a webcomic that gets people talking. 

Or you could develop an add-on for Comic Easel that makes having multiple comics on the same site not a complete fucking nightmare to manage, that works too.





Tonight on Saffron and Sage: Legend of the Hair

It’s page 100! Everyone party! Sadly, there’s no big CSS wizardry this time like Legend of the Hare had, just a completely normal page with no reveals or implications. Y’all thought the Bunny Blade was just a cameo, didn’t you?

To be honest, I feel really nervous and uncomfortable posting this page, and I’m not really sure why. I feel like there’s a bit too much going on in this chapter too fast, and it feels like I’m spinning a lot of plates and I’m just barely keeping them in the air. I probably did not need to establish Tony the Lion at this point in the story. I certainly shouldn’t have had him on this page and forced Carlos to do to establishing shots at once, but c’est la vie. This is why I stan for doing episodic chapters, makes it easier to do little resets to keep minor mistakes from blossoming into larger problems. After this chapter is done, I think I’ll make Chapter 6 another short one, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there, which will hopefully be soon!

Yo! This raises too many questions!? At least for anyone who read LotH! What?! Is she like Jill’s boss or something!? Does that tower actually exist or was that just a cute nod or actually y’know what I really care about any of that right now.  

Okay so maybe I wasn’t super articulate above,but that doesn’t change the fact that I gots questions that need answering. Mainly……

 Is this gonna happen!? 

No spoilers, but that art is fucking sick, Sirk.