“yeah, it is”

the title is meant to answer the question you ask while listening “is this… megalovania?” then you go and check the track in the credits and it gives you your answer.

anyway thank you so much @totalspiffage for absolutely nailing the vocal part of this track. a long time ago andrew said he never wanted to do vocal parts in the songs because that would be canonizing a voice but wheres andrew now? huh? yeah thats what i thought. i mean.. i know exactly where he is actually. love u, buddy just havin a laugh over here. sorry you couldnt make it this weekend.

anyway i also put nuclear in there uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for fun???????????????

It’s kind of great how the Homestuck videogame uses a Homestuck song for Aradia Homestuck, the Homestuck character most associated with that Homestuck song, and everyone from the fans to the game’s composer is treating it like a funny meme reference to the skeleton game. 

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