diebasengen said: 

Could be interesting, but it would definitely need to be more interesting to listen too. That’s why creators who use TTS always use a somewhat janky one. You should also at least experiment with doing your own voice over.

The thing that’s gotten me on this train of thought is the Limit Breakers Dark Souls videos

They use Acapela-Box, which is hella expensive, unless they’re using a chrome plugin or somesuch to capture the audio of the preview, which is simple enough to do but also copyright infringey.

It sounds like there’s interest in the idea but I need to give it a bit more pizazz, which I expected. I can find some royalty free ambient music for YouTube to have playing in the background, and I can learn to screw around with the Amazon Polly voice to make it less robot-y, and find some video clips to break it up as well. 

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