Not super sure you’re the guy to be dismissively rreferring to someone else’s poorly executed over the top hyperbolic comedy-evil joke like “dick wolves”, Mr. Villian Burns A Child To Death For Laffs.

People say stupid shit all the time, and I’m no exception. To pick a comparable example, when Claire and Martin had the infamous “You’re Beautiful” strip in Questionable Content, I tagged it as “The Trappening”, which a lot of people got upset about, because using “trap” was transphobic.

The difference here is that when people came to me and said “Hey man don’t say thinks like that it’s transphobic”,  I went “Okay yeah that’s a reasonable request”, apologized, and edited the post to remove the tag

This is not how Penny Arcade reacted when people were upset by the Dickwolves strip. First they made posts with jokey Trigger Warnings, then they made a strip making a joke out of the reaction


Then they started selling Dickwolves shirts and pennants


And when the Penny Arcade store pulled the Dickwolves merch due to the controversy, Gabe said it was a mistake and wore the shirt to Pax, and then, a few year later at a different Pax, went on stage to say he regretted pulling the merchandise to a cheering crowd.

People say stupid shit all the time, it’s part of being human and let he who has not shitposted throw the first stone. But part of being an adult is realizing when you’ve done something hurtful to someone. And then you can either go “Sorry, I’ll fix it” or at least “I realize this is hurtful but I think it’s important to the art I’m trying to make and I understand if that makes you not want to read it” and maybe throw up a content warning.

What you don’t do is spend years making fun of the people you hurt, and sell a bunch of merch making fun of them. Then you’re just being an asshole.